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7 Gal. Soft Caress Mahonia

7 Gal. Soft Caress Mahonia

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Perfect addition to any shade garden . A very unique soft leaf mahonia . Winter hardy in USDA zones 7-9 . Ever green . Very low maintenance plant once established . Water twice per week until established, then water once per week . Fertilize in spring with slow-release granular fertilizer . Included in the Southern Living Plant Collection

Mahonia Soft Caress features soft bamboo-like foliage, unlike any other variety of mahonia. It has a compact growth habit with a mature size of 3 ft. tall and 3 ft. to 4 ft. wide. In early winter, bright yellow flowers stand atop the foliage, like fingers of light. Mahonia Soft Caress makes a great specimen in shade gardens, especially Asian garden landscapes.

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