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Swinger Charcoal Grill in Black

Swinger Charcoal Grill in Black

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A premium classic backyard charcoal BBQ grill . 332 sq. in. of cooking area . Large 19 in. x 18-1/2 in. chrome-plated cooking grid . 3-position cooking grid tilts to let you grill from rare to well-done simultaneously . Easy rolling wheels for portability . Deep dish hood and bowl design for maximum smoky flavor infusion . Tilt-Away Hood and stay-cool handle for easy grilling . Durable high gloss powder paint long lasting finish . Adjustable hood vent, front vent and rear vent for maximum temperature control

The original Americana 4100 Series Swinger Grills represent the "Best of the Best" in backyard charcoal grilling. Like our Sizzler series these grills feature our cavernous large hood and bowl to create volumes of Smokey flavor and the 332 sq. in. grill space is perfect for parties large and small and the Swinger Series offer so much more. First, let’s talk temperature control. It's so important in getting grilling done right. In charcoal grilling it’s all about setting your vents to get temperatures searing hot, or cooling things down to create a smoke infused recipe. All Swinger Grills have three adjustable vents; front, rear, and top giving you perfect control no matter what you’re grilling. Next, let’s talk grilling flexibility. Let's face it, some like burgers, some like dogs, some like wings, veggies, salmon, or ribs. Sometimes you'll end up grilling several things at once. Now add in the fact some like it medium, some like it rare, and others like it well done. The Americana Swinger Series to the rescue. Check out the Solid Hardwood Control Knobs located in between the two Solid Hardwood Handles. These 3-position controls let you individually set each side of the cooking grid creating two grilling zones. “Hot and Well Done to the left please; fish and veggies to the right”. And once you get the knack of it, you can adjust your charcoal placement to create up to Four temperature zones. Proudly Tennessee Made for over 40 years.

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