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14 in. H Round Ultra-Atomic Analog Wall Clock in Silver

14 in. H Round Ultra-Atomic Analog Wall Clock in Silver

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  • $ 7995

Boosted atomic WWVB self-setting timepiece with automatic DST updates . 4 US time zone settings or customizable in 1-hour increments . Eco-mode battery saving option . Requires 2 (or 4 C LR14) 1.5-Volt alkaline batteries (not included) . Solid aluminum metal framework

The Ultra-atomic wall clock features the most accurate atomic movement on the market. Like a traditional atomic clock, this clock automatically sets itself and updates for Daylight saving time. However, this clock is equipped with 2 antennas that allow it to work in the nosiest, hostile electronic environments such as busy office buildings, hospitals or other institutions. Dual Antennas=Enhanced Reception Ultra-atomic clocks feature 2 antennas, whereas traditional atomic clocks only feature 1. The extra antenna increases the WWVB signal reliability and penetration. Extra Battery Compartment -To keep your Ultra-atomic clock running longer, the movement features 2 additional battery compartments that allow you to add extra batteries (optional). This keeps the clock running for approximately 4 to 7-years before you need to replace the batteries. Eco-Mode is a battery saving feature that stops the second hand at 12:00 between the hours of 11:00 PM - 5:00 AM.

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