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36 in. Plastic Floor Drain Handle (12-Pack)

36 in. Plastic Floor Drain Handle (12-Pack)

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  • $ 16994

Special female threaded handle accepts male thread drain brushes (purchased separately) to prevent cross-contamination . Handle is imprinted "use for floor drain only" on both sides in English and Spanish to prevent contact with food and serving brushes and utensils . Plastic handle is durable and stands up to rugged use . Dedicated product to be used only with floor drain brushes (which are purchased separately)

The Flo-Pac 36 in. Floor Drain cleaner handle is part of a dedicated single purpose product to clean floor drains and protect from cross contamination at the same time in restaurants, schools, churches and commercial kitchens. When coupled with the (optional) drain brush of the correct size, this imprinted "Use For Floor Drain Only" handle will assure that drain brushes be used for no other purpose.

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