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Stainless Steel EZ Click 8-Pattern Nozzle

Stainless Steel EZ Click 8-Pattern Nozzle

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Stainless steel components for the ultimate in corrosion resistance, impact resistance, durability and quality . EZ click trigger - a simple click turns the nozzle on and keeps the water flowing until you click the nozzle off, no need to squeeze . Adjust the flow of water to your desired water output with the flow control knob on the back of the nozzle . 8 pre-set patterns for multiple watering solutions: clean, soft wash, jet, sweep, rinse, flower, shrub, and garden . Ergonomic and slip resistant pattern for comfort

The New Gilmour EZ Click nozzle features a corrosion resistant stainless steel coupling. This sleek, comfortable design solves the ago old dilemma of your nozzle corroding to your hose. You can now rest easy, not only because you no longer have to worry about the corrosion at the coupling, but also because the ON/OFF mechanism in the EZ click is as simple as using a ball point pen. Simply click the trigger on and the water starts to flow. The water stays on until you click the trigger OFF. No need to constantly squeeze.

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