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3 in. Single Wall Plate in Black

3 in. Single Wall Plate in Black

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Easy to install . PolyPro complies with LEED credit IEQc4.1 on VOC limits . PolyPro does not require flammable, messy or harmful glues, cements or solvents at connections . Lightweight, assembles quickly, can be disassembled for inspection or cut to desired length

PolyPro and PVC/CPVC PVC pipes are commonly used for venting water heaters, condensing boilers and warm air furnaces, yet PVC was never designed for such use. An environmentally safe and engineered alternative is PolyPro, for condensing gas appliances. Engineered for venting, it is 100 percent recyclable, and contains no toxic or carcinogenic materials, chlorides, or heavy metals. PolyPro does not release hazardous gases during combustion, and has been used safely throughout Europe for over fifteen years. Polypropylene has a higher operating temperature limit of 230 degree F/110 degree C (PVC is 149 degree F/65 degree C max and CPVC is 194 degree F/90 degree C). PolyPro is engineered with a corrosion-free, condensation management system.

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