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50 ft. Organic Garden Weed Control Drip Irrigation and Watering Mulch Barrier System

50 ft. Organic Garden Weed Control Drip Irrigation and Watering Mulch Barrier System

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Blocks weeds . Waters soil . Increases yields . Great for heat loving plants: tomato, pepper, eggplant, squash, melon . Mulch reduces nutrient leaching and wash out . Mulch reduces plant stress . Great for growing potatoes, tomatoes, onion, shallot, scallion, etc. . Great for early season greens: lettuce, kale, chard, collard, spinach, etc.

Professional growers combine drip irrigation and plastic mulch to give plants what they need: warm, protected topsoil, efficient watering and a virtually weed-free environment. They get a bigger harvest with less effort. Flora-Flow All-in-One Mats now bring this proven technology to home gardeners and growers of vegetables, berries and cut flowers. All-in-One Mats are especially easy to use. The irrigation line is bonded to the mulch, enabling installation of both at the same time. The mulch features easy tear-out 2 in. diameter planting holes every 6 in. for rapid planting at 6 in. and 12 in. 18 in. and/or 24 in. apart. Also, plant labels printed right on the mulch produce an orderly garden without measuring. As a result, the All-in-Ones offer weed and water control, large and early harvests and orderly plantings in one package. Installation is simple: bury or weigh down the mat edges to resist wind, connect fittings to a hose, remove planting holes and plant. The mats can be cut to length for use with connector kits or standard irrigation fittings. All mats are 4 ft. wide and are available in red or black. Red mats promote growth of tomatoes, but can be used with other plants as well. Researchers have shown a 10-20% yield increase in tomato fruit production using red mats.

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