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Bathroom Anywhere .80 HP 120-Volt Macerating Pump

Bathroom Anywhere .80 HP 120-Volt Macerating Pump

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The two piece system allows fast and easy access to the pump, if necessary, without the need to disconnect plumbing lines or fixtures, the pump side can be removed, while the reservoir tank side stays connected to the plumbing . Pump can be placed behind a wall using ordinary PVC . No need to break concrete . Toilet bowl, tank and pump are sold separately . Rear discharge . ADA height guideline compliant (seat height is at least 17 in.) . High Quality Protection Plan:

The Tecma Bathroom Anywhere goes beyond conventional plumbing methods. The key component is the Macerator Toilet System that ties into your home's existing plumbing lines. When the toilet is flushed, the powerful macerator disintegrates the waste and uses the wastewater transfer system to pump it away - up to an 18 ft. vertical rise and 150-foot vertical run.

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