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60-Watt Monocrystalline Solar Kit

60-Watt Monocrystalline Solar Kit

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Designed for RVs, homes, boats, back-up & remote power use, 12 volt battery charging and solar power stations, pumps, beacons, and lighting equipment . High efficiency crystalline solar cells . Easy to install and maintenance free . Weatherproof for added durability and ideal for areas with high sun exposure . Connect multiple panels for more power . Max Output: 60 Watts; 4 Amps . Complete kit includes: wiring, brackets, screws and 7 amp charge controller . High Quality Protection Plan:

The Sunforce 60 Watt Crystalline Solar Panel is designed for RVs, homes, boats, back-up and remote power use, 12-volt battery charging, and solar power stations. Built with high efficiency crystalline cells, this weatherproof panel is easy to install and comes equipped with wiring, brackets and screws. For more power, you can easily connect multiple panels. This panel has a maximum output of 60 watts and 4 amps and includes a 7 Amp charge controller for battery protection.

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