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60 in. Jaw Style Mop Fiberglass Handle (12-Pack)

60 in. Jaw Style Mop Fiberglass Handle (12-Pack)

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Dirty mop may be discarded by screwing the jaws open by turning the handle, dropping the dirty mop directly into the trash . Clean wideband mesh mop is attached by "grabbing" it with the jaws, which 'bite' into the mop, then screwing it closed . Fiberglass and heavy duty plastic construction for durable service life . Useful for all mopping applications-professional cleaning, institutions or home cleaning, use with any of our wide headband mops (optional and available for separate purchase)

Fiberglass mop handle with screw type jaws. Standard handle length of 60 in., made to be used with wide band mesh headband mops. Useful for applications where minimizing contact with the dirty mop upon discarding is required.

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