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18 in. Microfiber Wet Mop Pad (12-Pack)

18 in. Microfiber Wet Mop Pad (12-Pack)

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  • $ 5875

Microfiber looped end mops glide more efficiently across the floor, cleaning and sweeping more efficiently . Colors are available for zone and task recognition . Microfiber dries quicker that other mopping materials . Holds less liquid so this product is highly efficient at sanitizing vertical surfaces

Microfiber wet mop pad is a part of our dedicated microfiber wet mop/dry dust mop line. Optional dedicated mop head and telescopic handle are available separately as is a dedicated 24 in. by 8 in. mop/storage bucket. Microfiber wet mop system is available in colors for zone recognition in critical cleaning/sanitizing situations such as hospitals. Microfiber dries quicker and is more absorbent.

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