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32 oz. Namcrete Concrete Cleaner

32 oz. Namcrete Concrete Cleaner

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  • $ 1995

Namco concrete cleaner is a dry powder developed to consume petroleum stains without water or liquid cleaners/degreasers, Namco is waterless before, during and after the cleaning process . Wastewater runoff may impact the environment, many local governments require capturing wastewater from power washing . No contaminated water runoff . Will cover 200 sq. ft.

Clean your oil stains with no water, no pressure washer an in less time for less cost. Just brush on Namco Waterless Concrete Cleaner on any concrete steps, sidewalks, driveways or any other concrete and leave. The stains just vanish. It works like magic and restores concrete back to its "original" concrete color. Remember, power washing sends detergents and oils directly into the storm water systems. Avoid environmental problems and power washing hassles and get Namco Waterless Concrete Cleaner today. This will cover 200 sq. ft.

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