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Sapphire 3 ft. HDMI Cable - Blue

Sapphire 3 ft. HDMI Cable - Blue

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  • $ 1999

Select-grade OFHC copper conductors . Ultra-stable geometry . Quality terminations . High speed HDMI . Supports 3D TVs . In-wall rated CMG/FT4 jacket

WireLogic HDMI cables have been designed and manufactured to maximize your audio and video experience. WireLogic HDMI cables are made up of Solid Core Select-Grade OFHC Copper wires which eliminate strand-interaction, the biggest source of distortion in cables. High-Density Polyethylene is used to minimize loss caused by insulation and to ensure critical geometric stability. In addition, WireLogic uses an automated termination process vs. manually soldered termination for more precise terminations. Our HDMI cables deliver 100% of the data required for 120Hz, 240Hz and 600Hz displays and are backwards compatible, supporting all earlier versions of HDMI-capable TVs and devices. Every WireLogic HDMI cable is tested before it leaves the factory, 100%, to ensure superior performance.

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