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TE 3000-AVR 120-Volt Polygon Breaker Kit

TE 3000-AVR 120-Volt Polygon Breaker Kit

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Over 50 ft. pounds of impact energy results in outstanding demolition performance and productivity . SR brushless motor delivers tremendous demolition performance while keeping weight down . Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) achieves the lowest vibration in its class . TE-H polygon self-sharpening chisels provide strong breaking power and stick less in concrete . Active cooling system for the motor, electronics and hammering mechanism keeps the tool and its casing cool for added durability . Use for medium to heavy-duty demolition of concrete slabs and foundations; concrete removal for rebar; asphalt and road patch work; penetrations for pipes, electrical boxes and HVAC . Innovative detachable cord . Kit includes tool, tool trolley, (2) TE-H28P SM 40 16 in.pointed chisels, and (2) TE-H28P FM 40 16 in.flat chisels

Hilti is breaking the rules again.Break free from the hassles of pneumatic breakers and other electric tools with the new Hilti TE 3000-AVR, the breaker that promises to revolutionize the demolition market. Hilti's flagship breaker enters the market with innovations that make it the first 65 pound electro-pneumatic tool that can literally perform head to head with air breakers of the same weight. This means less set up time to get that compressor going, no annoying hoses and gasket leaks, and no more diesel thirsty compressors needed for medium to heavier duty breaking jobs. Our powerful SR brushless motor provides previously unheard of power to weight ratios by eliminating the carbon brushes and copper windings that add weight to traditional motors. The Hilti TE 3000-AVR is engineered to last and allows you to work much longer between service or repair cycles thanks to a three chamber sealing system and active cooling design. Try the best and break free to new levels of productivity and durability.

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