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DX 0.27 Caliber Boosters Cartridge, Yellow (20 per Pack)

DX 0.27 Caliber Boosters Cartridge, Yellow (20 per Pack)

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Yellow, medium loads for fastening into concrete and masonry . High quality powder results in fewer residues - your powder actuated tool will remain cleaner and in better working order . Quality loads mean fewer misfires and less waste . Producing a high-quality cartridge means each component of the process - driving power, firing sensitivity, propellant specification and magazine strength - is correct . 20 yellow loads in 2 strips of 10

Using Hilti powder-actuated tools combined with Hilti cartridges and fasteners produce the #1 powder-actuated fastening system in the industry. The results highest quality fastenings combined with safety, reliability and low maintenance. Use these 0.27 caliber yellow boosters with Hilti's DX series powder actuated tools.

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