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17 oz. Somaca Hi-Gloss Stone Countertop Cleaner

17 oz. Somaca Hi-Gloss Stone Countertop Cleaner

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  • $ 997

Cleans, polishes, and protects . Invisible when buffed . Safe for all stone surfaces . Restores dull surfaces, enhances stone color

CRL Hi-Gloss stone countertop cleaner is safe for all sealed and unsealed stone surfaces. It is deep cleaning and contains no wax. It protects your stone surfaces from water stains and household spills. The new "Spray Any Way" valve allows easy application, even with an upside down. Hi-Gloss is three products in one. It's a stone surface cleaner, polish, and protestant. It works just as well on engineered stone countertops. There is no buildup with Hi-Gloss so you can use it without fear of creating a heavy film.

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