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Elite Series Sweeper Vehicle Adaptor Kit

Elite Series Sweeper Vehicle Adaptor Kit

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  • $ 16400

Fits all SNOWBEAR plows . Designed to work with the elite series sweeper systems . Kit contains: (2) SP115 (round tube SNOWBEAR “A” frame) brackets, 2 SP120 (square tube SNOWBEAR “A” frame) brackets and 2 markers with hardware . For better visibility of sweeper system position while inside the vehicle . Sweeper width visibility helps operator avoid damage from striking objects such as curbs, light standards, etc. . Keep track of your sweeper position by attaching these highly visible markers

SNOWBEAR Plows Inc. is the leading North American manufacturer of personal and light commercial snowplows and related accessories. We strive to create products with innovative features that make our customer’s recreational and outdoor working lifestyles easier. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, as well as the superior service and support we provide to our customers. The SNOWBEAR Elite Series Sweeper Vehicle Adaptor Kit fits all SNOWBEAR plows and is designed to work with either of the sweeper models: Model # 324-189 (60 in. Sweeper) or Model # 324-185 (84 in. Sweeper).

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