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88 in. Poly Scraper Kit

88 in. Poly Scraper Kit

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  • $ 15900

Double use poly scraper bar allows you to plow delicate and expensive surfaces such as stamped concrete, natural stone or new asphalt laneways or lots without fear of damage or scars sometimes associated with metal scrapers . Poly scraper unbolts easily and flips exposing brand new cutting edge once original edge has worn . Measures 88 in. wide by 19 in. high . For use on 88 in. SNOWBEAR snowplows

SNOWBEAR Plows Inc. is the leading North American manufacturer of personal and light commercial snowplows and related accessories. We strive to create products with innovative features that make our customer’s recreational and outdoor working lifestyles easier. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, as well as the superior service and support we provide to our customers. SNOWBEAR Snowplows come loaded with features to make the job much easier. This 82 in. Deflector Kit is the ideal accessory for your SNOWBEAR Snow Plow.

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