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Auto Stop Funnel

Auto Stop Funnel

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  • $ 1086

Floating safety indicator automatically stops flow of fluids when container is full . Built in filter screen keeps debris out of your container . Pour off spout and valve release provide 2 ways to easily and safely return excess liquid to its original container . Convenient edge rests improve control and ease of use

Funnel King 16 oz. Auto Stop Safety Funnel features a smart indicator that prevents dangerous and wasteful spills by automatically stopping fluids when your container or tank is full. Combined with the easy to use, ergonomic pour off spout, edge rests, and built-in filter screen, the Auto Stop Funnel makes refueling and refilling safe, fast, and simple to do. Made from durable, polyethylene plastic, the funnel can be used for gasoline, antifreeze, washer fluid, oil, kerosene, and other liquids. With the Department of Environmental Conservation estimating that more than 17 million gallons of fuel are spilled each year during the refueling of power lawn and garden equipment – the Funnel King, Auto Stop Safety Funnel is a must have for fluid control.

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