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10W Equivalent Bright White G4 LED Light Bulb

10W Equivalent Bright White G4 LED Light Bulb

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Brightness: 100 Lumens . Estimated yearly energy cost: $0.16 (based on 3 hours/day, 11 cent/kWh, costs depend on rates and use) . Life: 22.8 years (based on 3 hours/day) . Light appearance: 3000K (bright white) . Energy used: 1.3-Watt (equivalent to a 10-Watt standard halogen light bulb) . Lumens per watt: 76.92

The 1.3-Watt (10W) Frosted G4 LED Light Bulb with Bright White Color is ideal for everyday use. This bulb can reduce energy and operating costs up to 87% compared to a standard halogen bulb with the same brightness. This LED lasts over 22 years and costs about $0.16 a year to operate, versus a 10-Watt halogen bulb, which costs about $1 a year to operate and only lasts 1-1/2 years. This LED saves about $22.80* in energy costs over the lifetime of the bulb compared to a halogen bulb. Why buy 15 halogen bulbs when 1 LED lasts over 22 years, using less energy and saving you money. Perfect for commercial or residential lighting for use in puck lights, under-cabinet lights, desk lamps, display lighting and accent lighting. Suitable for use in damp locations such as landscape lighting. Can be used in enclosed and non-enclosed fixtures. Free of harmful mercury, this LED bulb is an environmentally-friendly choice. Westinghouse is a global brand with a simple philosophy: make life easier for everyone who buys its products. Westinghouse products are designed for exceptional quality, reliability, and functionality. Based on burning 3 hours per day at 11 cents per kilowatt hour for 22 years or 25,000 hours. Product reference number 03184.

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