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35W Equivalent Soft White (3000K) MR16 Dimmable LED Flood Light Bulb

35W Equivalent Soft White (3000K) MR16 Dimmable LED Flood Light Bulb

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Super energy-saving as replacement for 50-Watt halogen light bulbs while last five times longer . Long lifespan: reduce re-lamp frequency, application including accent lighting; art galleries; hotels, museums, offices, restaurants, retail and general lighting . Dimmable works with most of dimmers but to ensure flicker free dimming . Easy installation, standard MR16 shape with GU5.3 base, can be easily fitted . Eco-friendly, no lead or mercury

This LED light bulb is a 3000K soft white color, providing a traditional warm and cozy ambiance best for bedrooms and living rooms. This 5-Watt LED light bulb replaces traditional incandescent light bulbs, using approximately 90% less energy and saving you an average of $115 in annual energy costs. This LED light bulb has an extra-long lifetime of 32 years, reducing the hassle of frequent bulb replacements and saving you money in the long run. This LED MR Type light bulb is ideal for specialized home and office use in recessed lights and track lights. This LED GU5.3 Base Light Bulb is dimmable with select dimmers to add desired mood and ambiance.

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