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2-Gal. Acrylic-Grade Driveway Sealer

2-Gal. Acrylic-Grade Driveway Sealer

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  • $ 4300

10-Year warranty . Do not use a squeegee or brush with Acrylic Grade or you significantly risk cracking and/or peeling . Coverage will vary based on blacktop condition: . Good condition/previously sealed: 500-600 sq. ft. per pail . Moderate condition/some cracking: 400-500 sq. ft. per pail . Poor condition/unsealed: 200-400 sq. ft. per pail . Remember: clean your driveway thoroughly so sealer will bond and make sure you do not seal when it is cold outside. It must be at least 55 degrees at night for sealer to properly cure and last . Do not seal in early spring or late fall as the sealer will not last - it will not cure properly and may track . Ready for foot traffic in 1 hour and car traffic in 4 hours . Resists oil, gasoline, and chemicals . Low voc / no odor / easy clean up . Super size pail for easy use . Extra space for dipping and moving so you won't spill . Assurance: We stand behind our warranty - it is not prorated

(Note: If product is not available to order in your area that is due to nighttime temperatures. Product may not cure and/or track in late Fall and early Spring applications). The Latex-ite 2-Gallon Acrylic-Grade Driveway Sealer for blacktop is a concentrated formulation designed to give maximum surface coverage with professional results. It goes on easily with a roller and dries quickly to revitalize, protect and beautify a previously sealed blacktop driveway. It resists gas, oil and de-icing chemicals and will not fade. Helpful Hints before you seal your driveway: 1. Buy an extra pail: Any unused portion CAN be saved for touch-ups (you do not want to run out during the project as you might get color variations.) 2. Do the project all at one time without starting and stopping. 3. Check the weather and make sure no rain is forecast and it is at least 50 degrees F at night (a cold driveway will not allow the sealer to cure properly). 4. Check for further tips and How to Videos.

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