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1.7 oz. Lead-Free Tinning Flux

1.7 oz. Lead-Free Tinning Flux

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Compatible with common plumbing solder alloys . Ideal for soft solder applications of large-diameter copper tubes, pipes and fittings . Can be used in plumbing, fire sprinkler, heating, venting and air conditioning (HVAC) and other systems . Cleans, fluxes and pre-tins copper piping to provide uniform solder flow . Lead-free formula has a petrolatum base for cleaning effectiveness and will not turn piping green . Tinning powder pre-tins the piping . 1.7 oz. size

The Oatey 1.7 oz. Lead-Free Tinning Flux is a smooth, non-runny paste that applies easily and spreads evenly on copper tubes, pipes and fittings. The flux has excellent wetting characteristics and facilitates solder flow for exceptional bonding. Excellent wetting characteristics for exceptional bonding.

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