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Two Inch Series Four-Way Joint

Two Inch Series Four-Way Joint

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Made with ABS plastic for long-lasting durability . ABS plastic is UV- and temperature- resistant . Use with Two Inch Series boards and brackets . 5-year warranty

Frame It All Simple Modular Gardens are designed to be the gardens that grow with you. The Frame It All Two Inch Series Four-Way Joint allows connections in designs where four boards intersect. The Four Way Joint can also be used to cross-brace, preventing "push-out" caused by frost expansion. To use the Four-Way Joint for this application, attach a Stacking Joint Bracket (sold separately) to either end of the cross-brace timber, one end up and the other end down. Connect the opposing side walls with one half of a Four-Way Joint on both side walls. The Four-Way Joint will slot into the aperture of the joint below exactly as the Stacking Joint does. When used for the cross-bracing function, you only need one Four-Way Joint for each cross-braced level. Frame It All Two Inch Series Four-Way Joints can be used with Frame It All Two Inch Series boards or any standard 2 in. x 6 in. lumber.

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