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5/8 in. Cove Router Bit

5/8 in. Cove Router Bit

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Smooth, decorative edging and inverted radii . Cuts all composition materials, plywood’s, hardwoods and softwoods . Use on hand-held and table-mounted portable routers . Red router bits are a registered trademark of Freud America, Inc. . Cut diameter is 5/8 in. . Bearing diameter is 3/8 in. . Carbide height is 1/2 in. . Shank diameter is 1/4 in. . Overall length is 2-3/16 in.

Create smooth, classic cove profiles with Diablo cove bits, which have a shear angle that slices wood similar to the way a craftsman uses a hand plane. Featuring TiCo carbide with titanium, these bits provide a long cutting life and ultra-fine finish. Perma-Shield, Diablo's high performance coating, reduces friction and build-up on the bits. The bits kick-back reducing design allows for safer, more controlled cuts. These bits are computer balanced for a smooth and accurate cut. All Diablo router bits feature exceptional quality, unmatched precision and maximum cutting life.

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