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16 fl. oz. Diesel Fuel Treatment

16 fl. oz. Diesel Fuel Treatment

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Cleans entire fuel system and minimizes wear to the fuel system while reducing long term repairs and contains Sulfur Replacement Technology (SRT) . Maintains optimum performance for stored fuel, improves power, efficiency and mileage and increase performance . Cleans and lubricates injectors, pumps and valves . Using the diesel fuel industry standard HFRR test, BestLine’s diesel fuel treatment has been shown; using only 2 oz. per 10 gal. of fuel, to reduce wear by over 25% . Bonds with the wax in diesel fuel and helps prevent it from clumping in cold weather . Provides quicker starting in cold weather

BestLine diesel fuel treatment combined with its Sulfur Replacement Technology (SRT), is well suited for every type of diesel fuel, minimizing bio-diesel and reduces emissions and soot particulates. In using the product regularly, your engine will improve in performance and fuel economy. In line with anonymous testing, BestLine's SRT will lower the grind on your engine by over 25% in comparison to untreated ultra-low sulfur diesel.

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