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0.5 mm Tungsten Vanadium Drill Bits (3-Piece)

0.5 mm Tungsten Vanadium Drill Bits (3-Piece)

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  • $ 710

0.5 mm drilling diameter . Shank diameter 3/32 in. . Precision ground flutes and machined shanks for optimal concentricity . Designed for use with proxxon's rotary tools and drill press

Proxxon’s Tungsten Vanadium Micro Twist Drills are manufactured from one-piece blanks in Tungsten Vanadium Steel for highest concentricity. Tungsten Vanadium provides safety from breakage and allows for a longer bit lifetime. These bits are designed for Drilling metal, non-ferrous metals, plastic, and wood. Recommended work speeds: soft materials approximately 8,000 rpm, hard materials approximately 3,000 rpm.

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