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Tungsten Rounded Cone Vanadium Milling Bits (2-Piece)

Tungsten Rounded Cone Vanadium Milling Bits (2-Piece)

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Shank diameter 3.0 mm . Bit diameter 3.0 mm . Recommended use on hard and soft woods, nonferrous and precious metals, as well as plaster of paris . Recommended rpm 6,000 - 8,000 . Designed for use with proxxon's micro Mills

Proxxon’s Tungsten Vanadium Milling Cutters are purposely made from one-piece blanks in Tungsten Vanadium Steel for highest concentricity and to allow for vibration free milling and high accuracy. The precision ground flutes ensure optimal concentricity and long life expectancy. Proxxon’s Milling Bits are ideal for milling, routing, shaping, profiling, and slotting.

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