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25 ft. 10-Gauge SOOW Rubber Cord - Black

25 ft. 10-Gauge SOOW Rubber Cord - Black

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  • $ 5870

Rated for up to 600-Volt . Resists damage from sunlight, oil, gas, water and abrasion . 25 ft. L . 10-Gauge wire . 4 flexible and stranded class-K copper conductors . UL-listed . Ends are not included and product is bulk wire only

The Cerrowire 25 ft. Black 10-Gauge SOOW Rubber Cords are designed for extra hard usage on industrial equipment heavy tools, battery chargers, portable lights, welding leads, marine dockside power, power extensions, and mining applications. They are heat, moisture, and oil resistant EDPM rubber and then cabled with fillers. Next, separator is wrapped around the assembly for easy jacket removal. Finally, a black heat CPE jacket is extruded over the entire assembly.

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