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RB350 Inline Ventilation Fan

RB350 Inline Ventilation Fan

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  • $ 24216

299 CFM at 0.2 in. WC . 6 in. duct . 91 to 129 watts . Thermally protected motor

The Spruce RB350 is a 299 CFM inline fan used primarily for duct boosting when installed as part of a Spruce Duct Boosting Kit (model number SDB350P). The durable, corrosion-resistant engineered thermoplastic fan housing makes it the right choice in moist conditions and for use in enhancing airflow through long ducts. Rated for both residential and commercial use, this remotely mounted fan, unlike ceiling or wall-mounted fans, also can silently draw from multiple intake points, such as over a bathroom tub, sink and toilet.

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