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1.88 in. x 10 yds. Blue Leopard Duct Tape

1.88 in. x 10 yds. Blue Leopard Duct Tape

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High performance strength and adhesion characteristics . Excellent for repairs, color-coding, fashion, crafting and imaginative projects . Tears easily by hand without curling and conforms to uneven surfaces . Made in the USA . Case of 6 rolls . Click here to find out which Duck tape is right for your project

Duck Brand Duct Tape, it’s America’s favorite fix-all. From industrial strength to general purpose, classic silver to groovy tie-dye, Duck Brand duct tape comes in many strengths and a variety of fun patterns and colors. It is the smart choice for those needing a reliable duct tape for at-home projects, either practical or imaginative, that call for a colorful design. The uses are only as endless as your imagination.

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