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11 oz. White Spray Paint

11 oz. White Spray Paint

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Multi-use, durable and removable coating that works on metal , plastic, glass and tight grained wood, will also work on porous items as long as removing the coating is not the intent . Soft-touch for comfortable and controlled grip on tools and home accessories . Great for vehicles (wheel rims, front grills, interior consoles, hoods, bumpers), tools, home accessories and more . Dries to the touch in 30 minutes . Apply first coat of product lightly with 50% coverage and build coverage with 4 to 5 even coats . Wait 5 to 10 minutes between coats . Withstands exposure to elements-snow, rain, sleet and more . Does not crack or become brittle in harsh conditions retains optimal performance . Vehicles can be washed in automatic car washes . To remove: slowly rub edge of coating until it begins to peel, coating should start to come off in large pieces . For easiest removal, remove from items exposed to UV rays within 3 months, for interior use items, coating can be removed at any time easily . Top Coat with Flexi Dip Glossifier Spray for an intense glossy finish and additional protection . Hand wash decorative items . Allow product to cure 24 hours prior to washing . Top Uses For FlexiDip:

Rust-Oleum FlexiDip is a multi-use rubberized coating designed to give extra comfort to users of items while providing protection. This unique coating can be applied to virtually any surface and later removed with ease. FlexiDip provides functional performance with customized decorative appeal.

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