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Multi-Size 1.25 in. - 2 in. Test-Ball Plug

Multi-Size 1.25 in. - 2 in. Test-Ball Plug

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Natural rubber body provides excellent expansion and a great seal in round and out-of-round pipe . Inflatable design can fit through test tees, sanitary tees, floor drains and other hard to access pipe openings . Ideal for testing DWV plumbing systems at pressures up to 13 psi or with 30 ft. of head pressure . Utilizes a standard tire air fitting for easy connections . Ring and chain assembly helps prevent the plug from being drawn into DWV systems during tests

The CHERNE Test-Ball continues to be the most trusted pneumatic test ball in the industry. Designed for applications from pressure testing and blocking of residential DWV systems to repair maintenance and installation of municipal infrastructure piping systems, the CHERNE Test-Ball is the one ball that does it all. Many are available with our patented Rupture Disc Technology, which prevents over-inflation.

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