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5 in. Orchid in Ceramic Deco Pot

5 in. Orchid in Ceramic Deco Pot

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A trusted brand . Assorted color . High quality ceramic pot . Beautiful blooms . Easy care

A beautiful, 5 in. blooming orchid nestled in a high quality, neutral ceramic pot. A proven bloomer and stunning plant, this flower is guaranteed to be a focal point in any interior room. An orchid is known for its elegance and architectural shape - an impressive gift for any man or woman. Just Add Ice Orchids, one of the most trusted floral brands in North America providing top quality floral and plant products which includes high bloom count and longevity. An impressive ceramic pot perfectly sized to fit the clear orchid grower pot. This allows appropriate drainage for the plant, while protecting table tops. The neutral color ensures that it will match almost any decor. A premium selected plant with 6 or more flowers and/or buds. Plant will have either 1 or 2 stems. Extremely easy to care for. Simply add three ice cubes per week - It's Just that simple.

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