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Mighty Scope 5M Digital Microscope with Software and Stand

Mighty Scope 5M Digital Microscope with Software and Stand

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  • $ 24608

10x to 50x optical magnification and up to 200x digital . USB cable plugs into any computer to save, process and share images . Compatible with Mac and windows . Brightness wheel controls 6 LEDs . Ergonomic design allows comfortable use in either hand . 2 year warranty against any manufacturing defects

This 5-megapixel upgrade of Aven's portable scope is a sophisticated inspection instrument with the convenience valued by professionals since Mighty Scope's introduction in 2008 adjustable magnification, image and video capture and a USB interface for an easy computer link. A broad magnification range (10x to 200x) and large working distance also are practical benefits for engineers, scientists, doctors, lab techs, forensic examiners, educators and others. Rather than hunching over traditional eyepieces, users see crisp, clear magnifications on a monitor. Magnification is easily controlled by moving Mighty Scope in relation to the object being viewed. All-inclusive pricing means there's no extra cost for an adjustable stand, dimmable illumination and advanced software with measurement, image annotation, freeze frame and a compare mode to examine live and stored images side-by-side. A Microtouch shutter button is another advantage of this lightweight, palm-size scope that's ideal for parts inspections, assembly quality checks, research analysis, dermatology exams, precision repairs and other applications. Don't pay more elsewhere for features that are standard on all Aven Mighty Scopes.

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