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100-Amp Solar ePower Cube with 1500-Watt AC Inverter

100-Amp Solar ePower Cube with 1500-Watt AC Inverter

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Item is ideal for running your AC, USB or DC devices anywhere power lines are unavailable, on the job site, it can power tools in the absence of power lines or generators, expansion terminals allow for battery expansion to extend run time . Internal battery, the heart of the system, is of high quality and with proper care and frequent charging will last for years . Unit can be charged with a home AC outlet or vehicle DC outlet, charging may also be completed by using the internal battery and the folding/slide-out solar panels . Can still be used during light drizzle due to weather resistant design of product and can be stored without worry using the weatherproof cover included with unit . Rugged rubber tires and retractable/extendable handle allow for ease of transport

The Solar ePower Cube 1500 Plus boasts a 100Ah AGM/Gel Hybrid battery ideal for deep cycle applications DC terminals for expansion. 80-Watt solar panels for a full charge after just 32 hours of peak sun. The unit has a 1500-Watt AC Inverter and Amp; offers 2 universal outlets as well as (2) 12-Volt DC outlets and 2 USB outlets. The unit comes with a weatherproof cover for protected storage when not in use; however, the unit itself is designed to be water resistant. Take the power where you want it using the easy transport design and features.

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