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3 Gal. Mini Penny Hydrangea

3 Gal. Mini Penny Hydrangea

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Important, this product will be dormant from mid November until April . Grows and flowers best in partial-mostly shade, can tolerate filtered sun . Water twice per week until established, then water once per week . Fertilize every spring with slow-release fertilizer . Very low maintenance plant once established . Not guaranteed to be in bloom on arrival

The Mini Penny Hydrangea from the Gardener’s Confidence Collection has a rounded growth habit and will produce pink, or blue mop-head blooms from spring to summer. The leaves on this Hydrangea are oval and dark green with serrated edges. The color or your hydrangea will range with the pH of the soil it is planted in. More acidic soils will make the color of the blooms bluer/purple, and in Alkaline soils the blooms produced will tend to be pinker.

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