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13.5 oz. Wax and Tar Remover Spray (6-Pack)

13.5 oz. Wax and Tar Remover Spray (6-Pack)

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Removes wax, tar, grease and road film . Great for use before and after sanding . Use prior to sanding to prolong the life of sandpaper and again after sanding as a clean-up agent prior to applying top coats . Allow to stand as long as possible without drying, normally 4 to 6 minutes

Rust-Oleum Wax and Tar Remover is an effective, fast-acting remover for many automotive surfaces, including metal, plastic and fiberglass. Removes old wax build-up before re-application of new wax to promote an even, mirror-like finish. It is also great for removing grease, silicone and road film.

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