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6 Grounded Outlet Tap - Black and Blue

6 Grounded Outlet Tap - Black and Blue

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  • $ 599

6 grounded outlets . Blue and black colors express your personal style . Twist-to-lock safety covers . Indoor use . 125-Volt/15-Amp/1876-Watt

Transform the ordinary into the extraordinary with Uber Power Accessories and add a pop of color to your home or office with the blue and black Uber 6-Outlet Power Tap. Small and compact, the tap replaces an entire existing AC wall unit, changing it from 2 outlets to 6. The vibrant tap comes equipped with rotating safety covers great for covering outlets when they are not in use and for multiple plug-in for the cool generation. Uber Power Accessories bring fun and personal flair by providing the ultimate color palette of vibrant colors and high-quality performance. Bold style and superior functionality work together to deliver mobile accessories that are Uber you.

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