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OutletLinc 2.5 Amp Duplex Outlet - Almond

OutletLinc 2.5 Amp Duplex Outlet - Almond

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Winner of the 2012 electronic house products of the year award . Elegant, built-in, clean and professional look for remote control of lamps . 1-remotely controllable outlet and 1 standard (always on) outlet . Tamper-resistant shutter mechanism for protection against improper object insertion and electric shock . Controllable outlet supports "load sense" - manually switching load on (at load) will turn outlet on . Auto-off, over temp sensor . Dual-band: communicates simultaneously over both radio frequency (RF) and the powerline . Functions as an access point for RF-only devices

Say goodbye to plug-in lamp modules and get a clean, professional look with the new OutletLinc Dimmer. This revolutionary receptacle is the first of its kind to offer a built-in dimmer that can be remotely controlled from anywhere using devices such as a remote control, wall keypad or even your Smartphone. The simple-to-use OutletLinc Dimmer has advanced features like an adjustable ramp rate that slowly brings the lamp on, a preset dim level that stores your preferred choice of 32 brightness levels when turning the lamp on initially, as well as load sense, so you can still use the lamp's built-in switch to turn the light on and off. It's made to be installed in place of any wall receptacle and controls incandescent loads up to 300-Watt. Also features a standard (always on) outlet rated up to 15 Amp.

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