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Micro Shutter

Micro Shutter

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Control motorized projection screens, window shutters, blinds and more . Smallest inline module ever, fits into almost all boxes . Sense wires allow for control via a connected, hard-wired switch . Compatible with latching switches as well as single momentary and dual momentary switches

Want to add wireless remote control to your automated window shutters, blinds and projector screens? Insteon makes it easy. Micro Open/Close Module is the first Insteon device designed specifically for up/down and open/close motor-controlled appliances. By including the Micro Open/Close module as a part of your Insteon home automation network, you will enjoy remote control of your shutters, blinds, screens and more. This compact module installs behind your existing switch, giving it full Insteon automation while retaining local control at the switch by way of sense wires. The patented Insteon dual-band communication reliably sends signals over existing electrical wires (power line) in your home and via radio frequency (RF). Micro Open/Close Module is so tiny that it can even be installed as an in-line module within a fixture box (like an In-LineLinc), providing remote control without running legs for a wall switch.

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