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1/4 in. NPT Mini Air Filter

1/4 in. NPT Mini Air Filter

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  • $ 1269

Removes unwanted dirt particles and condensed water from compressor hoses for longer hose life . Works for debris larger than 5 microns . Screw-on bowl with manual drain . 21 SCFM flow capacity at 90 psi . 1 in. powder actuated fastener

The Husky 1/4 in. Air Compressor Filter is designed to remove unwanted dirt larger than 5 microns and condensed water from air compressor hoses. This may include dust, dirt, pipe scale, rust, liquid water, and oil. The filter has a 1/4 in. female NPT port and has a flow capacity of 21 SCFM at 90 psi. The bowl screws on top of the clear filter and drains manually.

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