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24-oz. PC-Rot Terminator

24-oz. PC-Rot Terminator

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Epoxy-based wood hardener is waterproof once cured . Use for support beams, decking and severely rotted wood . Safe to use indoors or outdoors and for marine applications, such as docks and wooden boats . Sandable . Paintable . Low viscosity penetrates deeply into rotted and damaged wood . Available sizes on (24oz and 1.5 gallon) . Get the right stain for your project - click here for a buyer's guide

The PC Products 24 oz. PC-Rot Terminator is an epoxy-based wood hardener designed for use where damage to wood is severe or where structural integrity is needed. 100% waterproof after curing, this hardener penetrates deep into damaged wood to strengthen it to original or greater levels.

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