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50 Gal. Solid Brown Flat Back Whiskey Rain Barrel with Integrated Planter and Diverter System

50 Gal. Solid Brown Flat Back Whiskey Rain Barrel with Integrated Planter and Diverter System

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Environmentally-friendly decorative rain barrel collects rain from your downspout to reduce your need for municipal or well water, helping you save money . Made from UV-stable, engineered resin for durability . Built-in large planter has weep holes to help prevent plant roots from rotting . Kit includes a dual diverter, a 36 in. connection hose, connection grommets, a barb plug, a 48 in. main hose, a ball cock, 2 hose gaskets and an installation guide . Automatic diverter system redirects water down the downspout when the rain barrel is full . Easy-to-install downspout converter kit fits most 2 in. x 3 in. or 3 in. x 4 in. downspouts . Can be connected to a soaker hose for convenient, automatic watering of nearby plants . Holds up to 50 Gal. of rainwater . Can be connected to a soaker hose for convenient automatic watering of nearby plants/gardens . Rainwater is ideal for watering gardens as it contains no chlorine or other chemicals and plants thrive on water at ambient temperatures . Back of rain barrel is flat to sit closely to side of house or building for a low profile and attractive appearance

The Emsco Group RESCUE 50 Gal. Flat Back Whiskey Rain Water Urn features an integrated planter and an easy-to-install, patented downspout diverter kit which fits 2 in. x 3 in. standard or 3 in. x 4 in. high capacity downspouts. The downspout diverter will automatically keep your rain barrel full when rain has fallen and bypass the rain barrel when full preventing overfilling and overflowing which can cause flooding. This rain barrel kit collects rainwater to be both environmentally-friendly and money-saving by helping reduce your dependence on municipal or well water. In addition, your plants will thrive using pure, soft rain water instead of the processed water from your tap which can contain elements harmful to your plants. An added feature about the diverter system is that it does not have to be removed during the winter season. The diverter and rain barrel can be by-passed so that water flows through the downspout as usual, keeping water from getting into the rain barrel and freezing. The integrated planter can be planted directly into or a pre-arranged floral basket can be used to adorn the top of the rain barrel. The planter area includes a weep hole, allowing excess water to drain out preventing plant stress or death due to over-watering and root rot.

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