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1 lb. Roll-A-Tex Fine Texture Additive (6-Pack)

1 lb. Roll-A-Tex Fine Texture Additive (6-Pack)

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For use on interior or exterior cement block, brick, wood, drywall and plaster surfaces . Powder additive that mixes with any paint . Eliminates the need for tedious and time-consuming crack repair, hides building defects . Covers surface cracks and flaws . Adds depth and dimension to any surface, prevents soaking, blotching and uneven paint coloring . Covers repaired surface in 1 coat . Cleans up with soap and water

Add a decorative texture to your paint with Roll-A-Tex 1 lb. Fine Texture Additive. The additive mixes easily with any paint. Adding beauty and flair while filling light cracks and imperfections.

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