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3 Gal. Cosmopolitan Miscantus

3 Gal. Cosmopolitan Miscantus

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Great as a landscape specimen or border and mass planting . Silver colored blooms . Grows best in full sun . Water thoroughly twice per week until established, then water once per week . Fertilize every spring with slow-release fertilizer . Winter hardy in USDA zones 5-9

Cosmopolitan, also known as Japanese Silver grass, is highly attractive with wide, boldly variegated green and white foliage. This perennial grass has a clumping growth habit and will produce silvery-white plumes in summer that will persist into winter. After the first frost the foliage of Cosmopolitan will begin to yellow, then turn straw beige and should be trimmed back in late winter before new growth emerges. Cosmopolitan is a great source for bold contrast and texture when used in container gardens and landscapes.

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