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Pro-Tect 1-Gal. Cement Stucco Water Repellent

Pro-Tect 1-Gal. Cement Stucco Water Repellent

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To repel water from cementations surfaces . Water repellency reduces staining potential . Reduces freeze-thaw damage . Reduces wet look of stucco after rain . Pro-Tect leaves no residue and is odorless . Coverage depends on surface density from 75 to 175 sq. ft. per gal. . Available in 1-gal. and 5-gal. sizes

Pro-Tect is a water repellant product used to protect stucco, masonry and mature concrete from water penetration. Pro-Tect penetrates into the pore structure beneath the surface to form a water resistant zone, while allowing the material to breathe and permitting moisture to dry-out through the surface. Pro-Tect is a non-flammable liquid water repellant that is opaque when wet that dries clear.

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