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Pro 800TVL Ultra High Resolution Widescreen Indoor/Outdoor Dome Security Cameras (2-Pack)

Pro 800TVL Ultra High Resolution Widescreen Indoor/Outdoor Dome Security Cameras (2-Pack)

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  • $ 14999

Ensure your surveillance system blends seamlessly into any environment with dome cameras, the high-density white aluminum casing makes for a simple and clean installation with full-range 360° adjustability, mount the on the ceiling for discrete monitoring at your home or business . Your security system is only worthwhile if you can actually see the person stealing from you, DEFENDER dome cameras are equipped with 800 TV lines of resolution and an IR cut filter to enhance color and detail, the result is a clear, crisp and accurate video feed . DEFENDER dome cameras are equipped with night vision that automatically activates, 24 infrared LEDs provide crisp and detailed night imagery as you monitor from up to 75 ft. away, even in complete darkness, thieves may think they’re lurking in the dark – but rest assured knowing DEFENDER will see them . Criminals don’t take the night off if it’s raining, neither do our cameras, they’re weather resistant and ensure optimal picture quality no matter what Mother Nature decides to throw at you, be it rain, hail or snow, the professional-grade aluminum housing will protect against rust, deterioration and glare, no matter what’s going on outside, DEFENDER will be ready . High Quality Protection Plan:

Trust DEFENDER to make thieves and vandals think twice about approaching your property. Two sleek dome cameras provide the ultimate discrete security solution for your home or business. 800TVL deliver clear, ultra hi-res video for maximum indoor and outdoor surveillance visibility. 24IR LEDs allow for 75 ft. of automatic night vision, while the weather-resistant aluminum casing ensures your cameras can withstand harsh elements. Versatile enough to monitor both indoor and outdoor locations, pair DEFENDER dome cameras with our outdoor bullet cameras for a higher quality theft deterrent and added peace of mind. You’ll always know exactly what’s happening on your property – inside and out.

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