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14.5 in. Blue and Green Classic Lava Lamp

14.5 in. Blue and Green Classic Lava Lamp

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  • $ 1597

Watch the different-sized formations of the melted wax collide, flow, and split apart as they ooze their way up and down the glass globe . Provides relaxing, soft light . 25-Watt light bulb included . Plugs into a power outlet

The Original Lava Lamp. Lava. Its ever-changing patterns are hypnotizing, yet invigorating. It is an art form. Classic and at the same time progressive. It is pre-historic and post-modern. Lava is the core of Lava Lite. Our Lava Lamps range from small to gigantic; from subtle to overwhelming. Each lava lamp is filled with our hypnotizing mesmerizing lava bloated (goo for those less technical). Simply stated if you need lava we have got one for every nook and cranny in your pad. You must wait 4 hours after initial plug in of your Lava Lamp for it works properly. Perfect for relaxing, decorating, or light up a party.

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