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i9030 Battery Operated Smoke Alarm (720-Pallet)

i9030 Battery Operated Smoke Alarm (720-Pallet)

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Test button tests units electronic circuitry, horn and battery function; red LED feature flashes every 30-40 seconds to indicate that the smoke alarm is receiving power . Alarm can be installed on the surface of any ceiling following the UL/NFPA/Manufacturer's recommended placment guidelins . Kidde Fyrewatch 900-015-006 utilizes ionization smoke sensor technology . Features test button, tamper resist locking pin, battery operated (9V batery included) . Note: Product may vary by store . Low-battery indicator chirps when battery runs low . Tamper-resistant locking pin helps deter battery and alarm theft . Twist-off mounting plate for easy battery replacement . Wireless installation . Appropriate for residential and commercial use . Note: Product may vary by store . Note: Product may vary by store.

Kidde Fyrewatch battery operated smoke alarm utilizes ionization technology. Powered by a 9 volt battery, providing continuous protection, even during power outages. This easy to install unit includes a test button to verify the detection electronics are working as intended.

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